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healthy snack recipes

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Reviews for Matisse & Jack's (Snacks and DIY Energy Bars)

Honestly, I have no idea how they made a delicious brownie with 6g of protein and no aftertaste, but I'm too busy wrestling my children for the last one to care.

- Cool Mom Picks blog, January 2009

For parents who want to bake, or even introduce baking to their little ones, but don't have the time or ingredients sitting around the kitchen to make homemade baked goods, this is a perfect idea and they're packed with healthy ingredients and no added junk.

- Weelicious blog, January 2009

They tasted great and the kids liked them so much they asked for the bars to be put them in their lunch the next day.

- Mom Go Green blog, November 2008

I simply followed their baking instructions, which required adding honey, butter and water to their mix and then added a tablespoon of the mixture to my mini-muffin pan, to create "mini bites". They smelled so good while they were baking (which is under 15 minutes) and better yet, they looked and tasted homemade.

- Mommies Magazine, December 2008

Mix everything up and about 30 minutes later you have some fantastic treats! I added some frozen blueberries to boost the antioxidant power... my family loved them. They were tOATally delicious.

- Workout Mommy blog, November 2008

Rated #1 in blind taste test of 11 leading energy bars.

- The Denver Post, October 2006

"Just stir in a couple wet ingredients and bake. We loved the oven-fresh taste."

- Runner's World Magazine, September 2005

"... were exceptionally yummy. They beat almost every energy bar I've ever tried, and had a fresh-baked flavor that strikes as a cross between a good scone and a granola bar."

- Gear Junkie, The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, April 2007

"As my kitchen filled with the aroma of melting chocolate, I began to think smug thoughts about the homebaked-yet-healthy snack I'd serve my kids after school. But did they taste as good as they smelled? Yes! The "homebaked" part made all the difference."

- Parent Hacks blog, October 2006

"Warning: Trailblaze Bake-at-Home Energy bars are highly addictive... It turns out that these [bars] are the best-tasting energy food, ever... I'm a fan. And they held up just fine in my jersey pocket over a three-hour ride, so they're trail-ready. Sixteen thumbs up: eight people tried 'em, and we all liked 'em."

- Fat Cyclist blog, November 2006

"[Each bag] produces a healthy yield of bars that were devoured faster than we made them. The best feature is that since you're the baker, you can add any ingredients you wish."

- Inside Triathlon Magazine, October 2005

"This great idea is long overdue.... I tried both mixes. I was surprised how easy it was to have fresh energy bars in 40 minutes. The bars are tasty.... The price makes this a steal."

- Elizabeth Quinn, Sports Medicine Editor,

"We supply our aide stations with fresh-baked TrailBlaze energy bars and the response from our athletes has been outstanding. This was the first time that there have been no leftover energy bars at one of our races."

- Eric Gould, Race Director, Redwood Trails, SF Bay Area Trail Running Org.

Matisse & Jack's Blog

M&J's Ranked #1 Yummiest Startup

Matisse & Jack's was named #1 "Yummiest" in the first annual StartupNation Home-Based 100 ranking of the nation's top home-based businesses. Catch Sarika's interview on the Startup Nation radio show.

M&J's Superstar

M&J's #1 athlete Trevor Glavin just won the PBR Off-road Triathlon! Trevor, you rock! Follow Trevor's blog as he trains for the Xterra National Championships. Hey Trevor-- what's your secret? (Hmmm... maybe some Matisse & Jack's Power Snacks :)

Life of an XTerra Athlete

Outside's Best New Gear

Outside magazine's yearly "Best New Gear" issue just came out and our healthy snacks are highlighted in the running nutrition category. Michelle Valenti writes our energy bars are "as easy to bake as instant brownies."

The Homemade Revolution: Why DIY is Better

Aside from the better taste and the familiar experience of a homemade treat, we're beginning to wonder whether homemade foods could also be a safer choice...